Hugh White Training Stables

Riverside Equestrian Center • at Sonoma Horse Park
7600 Lakeville Highway • Petaluma, CA 94954
(707) 328-2959 cell

Training Rates and Horse Show Expenses

Schedule of Fees (effective January 1, 2014)
Training (per month, paid to HWTS)

ALL HORSES in training pay this fee. Training Fee Includes

  • lessons (three per week)
  • training rides (two per week)
  • longeing
  • blanketing
  • turn-out
  • feeding supplements
  • Grooming supply fee of $50 (used to purchase grooming/tack/routine veterinary care supplies for the barn, which you may use)
Board (paid to Riverside Equestrian Center) *

Board includes:

  • Daily stall cleaning
  • Hay fed twice daily
  • Stall bedding (we've upgraded to shavings)
  • Use of REC facility
  • Designated outdoor arena and covered, lighted arena.

* Don't blame us for this one. If we had things our way, we'd trade for beer.


Additional Fees

Grooming/Tack up (per month)

Supplemental Feed - beet pulp, rice bran and pellets (per month)

Hauling to Mt. Burdell or Tolay (if you behave we'll haul you back home, too)

Hauling to the beach (NOT Miami beach)

Whining (per word)

Sarcasm - depends on quality, acceptable sarcasm requires imagination

"What happens at the barn, stays at the barn" fee

$100 per incident

Lessons (haul-in, per lesson)

(This includes a $15 haul-in fee paid to Riverside Equestrian Center)

Lessons - per lesson, on HWTS School Horse $85.00
Extra Lessons (for people in training) $60.00
Tack-up Fee (each time) $20.00
Bandaging / Wrapping (each time)

Horses in training whose owners do not take lessons will not be charged

Hauling to Shows, Clinics, Vet

Varies depending on mileage and cost of gas

Putting antlers on your horse, painting his nose red, stringing him with lights and hauling him to the barn Christmas party no charge
Horse Show Fees

Groom fee per day, not including tip ($10 per day tip is customary)

Schooling fee (per day, warm up and show days)

Riding at shows (horses in training) - per DAY

Riding at shows (for horses NOT in training) - per RIDE


Other Horse Show Expenses

The client is responsible for the cost of all entry fees (including class fees, drug fees, office fees and schooling fees), whether the client shows the horse or Hugh shows the horse.


When a client shows one of Hugh's school horses, an additional fee per day is assessed for the use of the horse.


At shows where braiding is required, expect to pay around $60 EACH time the horse's mane must be braided, and the same amount each time the tail must be braided.


Cost of tack/grooming stalls, feed, bedding, supplies and trainer's hotel are divided among the number of HORSES at the show.


ALL FEES must be paid on or before the last day of the horse show.
Late payment may incur billing fees or a late-night visit from "Guido."